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College for Adults Project

The College for Adults website,, simulates a college-campus to help adults understand the college admissions process and become familiar with key resources found on a typical college campus; and provides links to websites for improving academic skills. This one year evaluation project started in 2008, with support from the Verizon Foundation, collected and analyzed data from adult students in three Massachusetts adult education programs serving as pilot sites. NCTN staff provided face-to-face orientation for the pilot site teachers or tutors introducing them to the surveys and website review documents. A website review protocol for the original website was developed. An analysis of the data helped to form focus groups with students at each pilot site to learn about their experience with the website and readiness for college. NCTN staff made revisions and some design changes to the website based on the pilot sites’ feedback. This evaluation project resulted in improvements in the participating students’ readiness for college as was evident from the pre and post college readiness survey results.

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